Monday, December 2, 2019

How Can I Be Sure If a Toy Is Safe for My Child?

Purvi Gandhi
Mother picking out toy for her child

1.      Is the toy made up of nontoxic materials?

2.      Is it too small to swallow?

3.      Is it easily breakable or have sharp edges?

4.      Is the stuffed toy too light to prevent suffocation?

5.      Does the toy have cords that can easily entangle?

6.      Are the toy’s hinges and joints covered to prevent accidents?

7.      Are the doll’s head and other body parts secure enough?

8.      Is the cloth nonflammable?

9.      Is the plastic toy too flexible?

Keep your child’s toys safe and sanitary

young child that is mouthing a toy

All toys should be examined for safety, small parts, breaks and cleanliness after each use. If the toy is broken or unable to be cleaned, the toy should be discarded. Dirty toys should be placed in a box for cleaning and inspection.

1.      Toys should be thoroughly disinfected with appropriate disinfectant.

2.      Wall-mounted or table-mounted toys should be cleaned on a weekly basis utilizing soap and water followed by rinsing and air-drying.

3.      Electronic games, wind-up toys and other toys that would be damaged with soap and water can be sprayed or wiped with denatured alcohol and air-dried.

4.      Books and laminated posters or game boards should be wiped off with an appropriate disinfectant.

5.      Toys can be sanitized using Germ Doctor, a dry heat sanitizer. Appropriate toys should be placed in the sanitizer without touching each other.

6.      Battery-operated toys should be cleaned with a dilute bleach solution applied to a cloth. The solution should be wiped onto the toy and allowed to dry. The toy then should be set aside for at least one more hour for the bleach solution to dissipate.

Toys that are mouthed for the purposes of oral stimulation, breath control or oral motor strengthening should be submerged in Sterisol germicide, prepared by mixing eight ounces of concentrate with one gallon of water in a nonmetal container. Toys should be immersed for at least 10 minutes and then rinsed prior to use.