“My three-year-old son wasn’t speaking at all. As a first-time mother, I was terrified because I didn’t know what to do. After three months of working with Purvi Gandhi and his special ed teacher, my son was speaking in full sentences. At Purvi’s urging, a doctor checked my son’s vocal cords and discovered nodules. Purvi showed us how to do exercises to make them go away. After four months, the nodules were gone. She was amazing. I owe her so much.”
— Linda Ramatali, Brookhaven, New York

“Purvi is a wonderful speech therapist who is kind, gentle and caring. She helped my son Joey in preschool with his speech and language challenges. Her professionalism and ability to connect with my son helped him to be understood by more than just family and close friends. She has remained a trusted resource for more than a decade past her time directly working with Joey. Her passion for helping others and her skills are exceptional and she is an asset to anyone seeking to build their language, communication and confidence.”
— Veronica Gilmore, Spout Spring, Virginia

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