Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How Can I Make Toys Functional in a Toddler’s Environment?

Purvi Gandhi
toddler playing with educational toy building blocks

1.      Store toys where toddlers can easily reach them and create enough space to avoid clutter.

2.      Group the toys together by type, such as transportation, cooking and puzzles.

3.      Picture label each of the toys to help keep them organized and classify them.

4.      Give toddlers only few toys at a time and rotate them.

5.      Have duplicates to avoid fights and promote sharing.

6.      Pick toys that challenge kids.

7.      Choose simple toys at first and then select active toys as the child grows.

8.      Always keep in mind that quantity does not always equal quality of time spent with toys.

9.      Find a variety of things at home and make interesting toys from them.