Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Pragmatic Language, Reading Comprehension and Written Language Groups, For All Ages.

Purvi Gandhi
Children reading

Pragmatic/ Social Skills Group:

Pragmatic language groups provide the children the strategies to communicate effectively and appropriately in a communicatively functional environment with adults, and peers. Some of the difficulties observed are:

  • Adhering to the rules of social language.
  • Using words to initiate and maintain the topic of conversation.
  • Establishing and maintaining eye contact with the speaker and listener.
  • Maintaining relevance.
  • Using appropriate vocal intensity.
  • Respecting the listener’s space.

Reading and Writing Language Group:

Reading, language development and writing go hand in hand. Without language acquisition, one cannot read and write. Some of the difficulties observed are:

  • Difficulty with phonology and morphology at word level.
  • Difficulty with decoding at word level.
  • Difficulty with spelling at word level.
  • Difficulty understanding and using the elements of the story.
  • Difficulty understanding and using the correct grammar.
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension. 
  • Difficulty with writing cohesively.

If you are concerned about your child, please contact me  at (917) 860-3373 or email me at to make an appointment. The groups are ran all throughout the school year including summer sessions focusing on the needs in a  group setting  of 2/3 children. Individual therapy is also provided focusing on the clients goals and needs to facilitate effective communication.